Weird Benefits Of Renovating Your Kitchen

Marble Benchtop with vegetables on top

Does the thought of renovating your kitchen seem daunting? Do you have a million  reasons for putting it off? Life getting too busy? Instead of reasons not to, we have put together a list of unlikely benefits you will achieve with renovating your kitchen, (besides the obvious benefit of having a new kitchen). By upgrading your surroundings, you are also upgrading your lifestyle.

Health -Mental and Physical! 

In a recent study by Houzz, it was found that 34% of people report a healthier lifestyle after renovating their kitchens.

A new kitchen means a new lease of life! Seriously. If you’re happier at home, you will be more merry in general. Whether you are putting on the morning coffee, baking a birthday cake or chucking the casserole in the oven, you will look around and be so pleased. Money can’t buy happiness, but a freshly renovated marble benchtop can!

As well as your state of mind, that new marble benchtop with a waterfall edge you’ve been dreaming of can also inspire healthier eating! Say hello to more fruits and veges.

2. Saving Money

While your kitchen renovation will cost you, you can consider it to be an investment. Not only as it is an upgrade, you will spend less money on takeaways or going out to eat. No restaurant can beat poached eggs on your new marble breakfast bar!

3. Saving time

Upgrading things like floors, benchtops and cabinets mean less area for dirt to get into. As it’s brand spanking new, cleaning time will be greatly reduced (it will also probably be a pleasure to clean).

4.More time with friends and family

In the Houzz study, 28% of people reported having more sit down meals and friends over to eat. You can’t put a price on cherished time with loved ones, so this benefit is simply invaluable.