10 Timeless Stone Benchtop Colour Schemes

Black, marble, and timber stone benchtop colour scheme

Renovating a kitchen calls for some big decision making. Going with natural stone will certainly add a lot of value to your home.

But what stone benchtop colour schemes can you safely pick out that will be loved by many, for years to come? That will stand the test of time in the design industry?

Anne Ellard from Houzz has compiled a list of the 10 That Will Stand the Test of Time and we’ve picked out a few of our favourite stone benchtop colour schemes that you can be inspired by here at Victoria Stone Gallery.

There’s plenty of great advice to take from the article. How to work with colour swatches, gathering samples of textures and materials to pair benchtops with cabinet selections, and the importance of seeing the material in real life – as we say, a photo or sample will never be a true representation of a full slab!

“I always suggest my clients break the process down into stages and take each one a step at a time. Planning the colour scheme is the part they enjoy the most, but they are often scared of choosing one that will date quickly.”

This selection of stoned benchtop colour suggestions are timeless. And if you find them a little plain, just imagine how easily they can be accessorised to seasonal home and kitchen trends!

Grey, black and white stone benchtop colour scheme

Black, White and Grey

The contrast of black and white has been a much loved colour combination both in fashion and interiors for many, many years. Although the contrast of black and white is strong, it’s still a very easy scheme to live with. Because there is no real colour as such, a black and white scheme can be brightened with various coloured accessories that can easily be changed as you tire of them.

When we think black and white, we think black tie – smart and sophisticated, and most definitely not out of date. To create maximum impact with this colour scheme, look for the brightest, most crisp white and the purest black. Then soften the harsh contrast of black and white by introducing some grey tones.

Black is a strong tone that creates big impact, so if you have a small space, use it sparingly. Consider a glossy finish for your black surfaces; this will help to bounce light around the room and make the black feel less heavy.

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Cabinet colour: Resene ‘Black’
Material: Paint
The purest black in the Resene colour range.

Benchtop colour: Carrara marble
Material: Natural marble
Probably one of the most well-known and most popular marble choices for benchtops and sometimes floor tiles.

White on white stone benchtop colour scheme

White on White

I know what you’re thinking … boring! But white on white kitchens, although admittedly not to everyone’s taste, are perhaps the most timeless of all kitchen colour schemes and the most popular, with very good reason. White is a very easy colour to live with, it’s easy on the eye, doesn’t demand attention, you won’t get tired of looking at it and, best of all, there is an endless choice of coloured accessories that you can team with white without them clashing.

An all-white kitchen exudes an air of sophistication, simplicity and grace. It looks fresh and bright and never dated. You can easily add colour to an all-white kitchen, and change it often with the use of coloured accessories such as pendant lights, small appliances and even plants.

Choose your shade of white carefully. Opt for shades that are on the cooler side (with a slight blue undertone) as opposed to whites that are too warm, as these can sometimes appear yellow depending on the light in your home.

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Cabinet colour: Dulux ‘Lexicon Quarter White’
Material: Paint
One of the whitest white paints out there. It’s bright, fresh and is guaranteed to never date.

Benchtop colour: Caesarstone ‘Calacatta Nuvo’
Material: Quartz (engineered stone)
This is Caesarstone’s interpretation of natural Calacatta marble. It has a crisp, white base with an elegant grey vein.

French grey stone benchtop colour scheme

French Grey

Everything about the French is sophisticated and timeless, especially their provincial kitchen style and colouring.

French provincial-style kitchens tend to use subtle soft colours such as light blues, soft greys, antique whites and muted coffee colours. These soft colours highlight the detailed design of French provincial-style kitchens.

These soft subtle colours can be used to create a timeless colour scheme in both modern and traditional-style kitchens. Soft greys can have a tinge of blue, yellow and even pink to them if you would like to add a hint more colour.

Combine soft grey cabinets with a natural colour benchtop that also contains some grey tones, but don’t forget to create some contrast – make sure that the cabinets and benchtop colours are not too similar or you could end up with a flat, uninteresting scheme.

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Cabinet colour: Resene ‘French Grey’
Material: Paint
A soft grey that isn’t too dull or dark and will never date.Benchtop colour: ‘Thunder White’
Material: Natural granite
A beautiful natural granite (one of my favourites, I have to say) with varying tones of grey, and sometimes almost black veins, spotted with burgundy flecks on a white base.
Olive green and champagne stone benchtop colour scheme

Olive Green and Champagne

When you think olive green, army uniforms and camouflage clothing may be the first things that come to mind. However, olive green is a tasteful and sophisticated colour choice for interiors. Olive is a dark yellowish green with a soothing, earthy aesthetic.

Just as the earthy taste of green olives is complemented by the refreshing acidity of champagne, the same can be said for colours that carry the same name in interior decorating. Dress olive green cabinets with warm metal handles in champagne, brass or gold colours.

When selecting a benchtop colour, choose a light-coloured material with a creamy undertone instead of crisp white. Consider a natural stone or stone-look material that has subtle veins in darker cream or champagne to provide a refreshing contrast with the more muted aesthetic of olive green.

Other greens worth considering in the kitchen are sage green and any earthy or dusty green. Think muted and murky with grey and yellow undertones.

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Cabinet colour: Laminex ‘Bayleaf’
Material: Laminate
A muted and understated sophisticated green tone. Benchtop colour: ‘Taj Mahal’
Material: Quartzite
A creamy beige natural stone with hints of champagne and green.
Black, marble, and timber stone benchtop colour scheme

Black, Timber and Marble

This is the perfect colour scheme for those who love black and white but want to add a little something extra. It’s a warmer alternative to the stark ‘tuxedo’ look of mixing black with white.

Timber has always been a popular material choice in kitchens, whether it be on cabinetry, benchtops or flooring. Its warm colouring and natural aesthetic is appealing and inviting in any space.

Almost any timber colour will work with black, just avoid anything too dark or too red as it will jar with the black.

Look at timber veneer and laminate options when choosing timber colour materials for cabinetry fronts for a more cost-effective and durable alternative to solid wood. Veneer and laminate will also offer more consistency in colouring and grain pattern for a more uniform look.

A matt finish black will look more natural and work much better with timber tones than a high-gloss finish.

Choose a marble or marble-look benchtop that has a white or light grey base with darker grey veining to tie the look together.

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Cabinet colour: ‘
American White Oak’
Material: Veneer
A warm timber colour with a mostly straight grain.Benchtop colour: Silestone ‘Calacatta Gold’
Material: Engineered stone
A manufactured material with marble-look veining with hints of gold, a perfect tie-in with the warm tones of American oak.

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