Marble and Wood – How To Have Both

Marble and Wood kitchen design

Designing or renovating a kitchen can get homeowners stuck on what sort of look and feel to go for.

But, the latest in design trends are putting the unlikely together to curb that decision-making by blending two polar opposites – marble and wood!

The combination of marble and wood is the ultimate textural contrast. The cool look of marble paired with the warmth of wood opens a world of diversity when it comes down to accessorising your kitchen. It will allow you to mix traditional with contemporary, rustic with elegance.

Don’t be afraid to take this look outside of the kitchen. We’ve seen some great project plans come in. Pairing a marble fire surround with wooden floors or wooden floating shelves. Marble bathtubs with timber cabinetry.  The options are easy and endless!

Here are some of our favourite marble and wood schemes we’ve found online.

How wood you do it?

Marble and Wood Kitchens

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