All You Need To Know About Super White Dolomite

Super White Dolomite quarry in Brazil

Super White Dolomite…

Is a fantastic natural stone option to have in the household for kitchen benchtops, island tops, splashbacks and bathrooms. It has the desirable marble-look, but Super White Dolomite is harder than a typical marble and comes in large-sized slabs. Here at Victoria Stone Gallery, we are fortunate to have a close relationship with the quarry, which is how we are able to secure a direct, consistent quality stone for Melbourne homes.

We have a lot of customers come to our Warehouse to check out this highly sought after, exotic stone. Here are some questions we are frequently asked…

Where is Super White from?

Super White is sourced and quarried from the South of Bahia, Brazil. They are then transported more than 800km to reach the city of Cachoeiro de Itapemirim (this is where our director lives!), here they are carefully processed, before being transported directly to Melbourne, Australia.

Super White Dolomite quarry in Brazil
Super White quarry, Brazil

There’s more than one type of Super White?

In the international stone market, there are four different types of SW. Super White Calacatta, Super White Arabescato, Super White Light and Super White Dark. In our Warehouse, we have a regular and consistent supply of Super White and Super White Calacatta. Each type is graded by the quarry depending on its tones and patterns. The grading reflects the price, offering affordable options.

Super White Dolomite Calcatta
Super White Calacatta available at Victoria Stone Gallery

What is Super White made out of?

The slabs are a unique makeup of dolomite and quartz. The large white parts are a dolomite marble, which is harder than a typical marble. The quartz veins running through the stone aid its structure.

If it looks like Marble, is it still durable?

Very! Don’t let the look delicate, marble-look let you wonder otherwise. Because of its make-up, Super White dolomite is less porous, stronger, resistant to heat, more durable and less prone to staining and etching

Super White 10271
Super White available at VSG
Super White slab
Super White available at VSG

So, Super White is very durable, does it still require much maintenance?

Super White is a great option for the household but still requires care and maintenance. It should always be sealed by your fabricator or installer and we recommend re-sealing it about once a year, depending on the usage and exposure to household products and sunlight.

Treat it like any other stone! Clean it on a daily basis, wipe spills up as soon as possible and don’t put hot pots and pans straight onto the surface.

What sort of finishes is it available in?

Polished, honed, semi-polished. Tip: a honed finish over polished will be more forgiving to any damage and act as extra protection. If you find a slab here that you love the look of but is only available in polished, speak to your stonemason about getting it honed!

Can the slabs be book-matched?

Yes, Super White comes book-matched.

Super White Dolomite Bookmatched