Marble Bathtub cut from one single block

Marble Bathtub Cut and Designed by Kreeo

The ‘Kora’, is an ellipsoidal marble bathtub, giving uniformity and elegance to the bathroom ambience. Evoking the ancient Tibetan bells, born as a complement to the gong washbasin, Kora also has a reference to a traditional instrument of West Africa. The reference to the music, specifically to the quiet and silent impetuosity sound of water, is the soundtrack of a new way of experiencing the bathroom of contemporary people, and the Kora is its main protagonist.

The Kora Marble Bathtub

The Kora’s cut from one single solid block. Carved with a fine technique, achieved by digging the stone with specialized technology and then handcrafted for details and finishes. The iron tripod supports its volume, giving stability and elegance. Despite the strength of the material, the water finds in ‘kora’ a new lightness, freeing the marble from its weight.

The Kora bathtub featured is the Bianco Estremoz version, but also comes in Bianco Carrara, Black Marquina and Grey St.Marie.

The Kora Marble Bathtub

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