6 Black Granites to Renovate Your Fireplace Hearth With

Granites to renovate your fireplace hearth with

Winter is approaching in Australia, and homeowners are turning to comfort and warmth of their fireplace. But does your fireplace hearth look as hot as it gives off?

Natural stone is a perfect option to consider when remodelling your fireplace hearth. Natural stone is durable, efficient, long lasting and retains heat better than any other material. And most beautifully, it combines two of the earth’s greatest natural elements; fire and stone.

What’s particularly special about using granite for your fireplace hearth, is its formation. Formed under extreme heat and pressure, this dark, igneous stone comes full circle from the earth and into your home, giving direct relationship to your fire. There you can experience the warmth your fire will give with this igneous stone.

Amongst marble and quartzite, black granite is particularly on trend this year. A sleek polished, honed or leathered black granite can enhance the contemporary sophistication of any home.

Featured in this post is some of our favourite black granites at VSG at the moment!

Skyfall is a striking, black and white polished granite from Brazil. This is a very unique granite that you won’t find anywhere else.

Barocco is also new to the gallery. It’s brown and black with shades of orange rippling through the slab.

Our polished Black Forest, and leathered Via Lactea and Night Dream are three very popular black and white granites. Each unique in the pattern that they have carried throughout the slabs.

Titanium Gold, one of our favourite translucent stones, especially effective in its leathered finish.

Treat yourself this winter, after all, home is where the hearth is!