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Green Marble Tableware Collection By Tom Dixon

Green marble is the main feature of artist Tom Dixon’s latest work. Tom Dixon has created a collection of candle holders and serving plates. All are crafted from Rainforest green marble sourced from India, called ‘Rock’. The marble has a deep green base with stretching and sprawling brown veins. The studio describes the items as “a collection of interactive, playful […]

The Beauty of Natural Stone Imperfections

Natural stone imperfections – they’re not uncommon! In fact, it’s rare to see a slab of marble, quartzite, travertine or granite that is completely impeccable and unblemished. Their uniqueness can result from anything from heat, pressure, mineral makeup, volcanic activity or time. We’ve found this article here that explores just a few of the possible natural […]


New Marble Arrivals at VSG

We have new marble arrivals and our warehouse is filling up quick! After just over a year here in Melbourne’s South East, we are about half way to full capacity of beautiful large format natural stone slabs. We love getting new shipments and arranging the new slabs in our gallery. Our most recent shipments have been of white […]

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The Best Natural Stone Resources

The Best Natural Stone Resources We found this article from Delgado Stone, offering advice on the best natural stone resources on the web. We think it’s pretty good, and regularly use these websites for inspiration when deciding what stones to import into Australia. If you’re looking to learn more about natural stone – look no […]

Marble vs Quartzite – What are the differences?

Marble vs quartzite? Both are both naturally occurring rocks, that share similarities. Though they share certain functions and physical features, marble and quartzite differ greatly in geology so in turn, performance as a benchtop material. Chemistry of Marble and Quartzite Marble is a mineral that is primarily comprised of calcite. Natural physical and chemical impurities add to this makeup, […]

How Hard is Natural Stone? An Infographic

How hard is natural stone exactly? Comparing the performance of marbles, granites and quartzites is never easy, but is absolutely crucial when choosing a piece. As the slabs are completely natural, each is made up with individual mixtures of similar minerals. This is how we categorise stone into types, granite, marble etc. With natural stone, no two […]

Weird Benefits Of Renovating Your Kitchen

Does the thought of renovating your kitchen seem daunting? Do you have a million  reasons for putting it off? Life getting too busy? Instead of reasons not to, we have put together a list of unlikely benefits you will achieve with renovating your kitchen, (besides the obvious benefit of having a new kitchen). By upgrading […]

Marble & 5 Facts Nobody Will Tell You

Marble gets a bad reputation these days. People are shying away, choosing manmade stone, quartzites or granites. While this is all well and good (and often recommended!), it is important to remember that marble has long been the leading stone when it comes to durability and beauty. Varieties of marbles have been used for eternity and well and […]

Quartz Slabs Just Got Bigger | Trendstone XL

Reconstituted Stone Slabs in an increased size, so your quartz kitchen tops can be bigger without the hassle. It is rare to get any sort of slab past the 3-metre long mark. Long slabs are desirable in many cases, as smaller slabs have limits on what you can do. With Trendstone XL, there is less […]