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Marble Quarrying in Italian Alps: Video

Marble Quarrying – The Inner Mechanics & Workings of in the Italian Alps We found this amazing short video by Yuri Ancarani of an artistic look inside marble quarrying in the Italian Alps. Seeing the marble in its raw, natural state is phenomenally striking against the mechanics and workings of the quarry. It reminds us of the sheer hard working processes it […]

Granite Tiles from Cerdomus Imitates Wooden Panels!

We came across this article showcasing these stunning ceramic and granite tiles, which emulate wood panels. We thought it was worth sharing! These ceramic and granite tiles from Italian company Cerdomus are unusual, modern and effortlessly beautiful.  The ceramic-granite made tiles mimic gorgeous wood flooring. Their unique appearance brings dynamic contrasts into a modern interior design, […]

Stone Applications For The Home

Stone Applications Inspiration to Compliment your Home Granite, marble, quartz and quartzite can be used for much more than benchtops. Natural stone, wherever put in the home creates a peaceful yet strong environment for you and your loved ones. Both natural and man-made quartz surfaces are used in various stone applications. From wall to floor, splashback, a […]


Granite Benchtop – Caring For It!

One of the major perks of having granite surfaces in your home is that they require very little maintenance. Granite is one of the hardest minerals on earth, so is by nature extremely strong and durable. It is also heat and stain resistant. This doesn’t mean it doesn’t need a little bit of loving, with […]


White Kitchen Cabinetry & Statement Benchtops

White kitchen cabinetry is an age-old choice for any kitchen, whether you’re building or renovating your home interior. Due to the neutrality of white cabinets, choosing a benchtop colour can be overwhelming as almost anything goes! You can pick something that compliments the colours of your appliances or surrounding furniture, an artistic and bold statement piece, or […]

Marble Tables Packed With Surreal Resin – Check It Out!

Marble tables can pack the beauty of a pristine waterfront beach house That is if it’s made by Caribbean-based designer Alexandre Chapelin. His furniture is sculptural in nature, as evidenced by the stunning new offerings he’s just added to his ongoing Lagoon resin and marble tables series. Combining sandy rock with a gradient of deep blue resins, he […]

Marble Bathtub cut from one single block

Marble Bathtub Cut and Designed by Kreeo The ‘Kora’, is an ellipsoidal marble bathtub, giving uniformity and elegance to the bathroom ambience. Evoking the ancient Tibetan bells, born as a complement to the gong washbasin, Kora also has a reference to a traditional instrument of West Africa. The reference to the music, specifically to the quiet and silent impetuosity sound […]